Yura Àtuk

LaPinza, together with the illustrator Mario Pereira, made a wonderful work designing these business cards.

Mario made the most of the distinctive feature of spot color printing to work in several halftones, that way any shade would be lost in the illustration even working with a single ink.

Continuing with the desire of making the most of this technique, they created 4 illustrations, since we usually print the business cards by fours. That way, we would achieve four different models with a single printing plate.

The production was finished with a blind deboss that gave the final touch to the simplicity of the whole project.

Sometimes you don't need a complex printing process, but just knowing how to take advantage of all the possibilities that the technique can offer. The most simple can become the most effective.

Yura Àtuk
1 + blind impression
Colorplan Bright White 700 gr.