La Trastería

In early 2012 we decided to fix up two worn storage rooms in our backyard to start our own adventure, La Trastería.

La Pecosa (Freckles) is an Original Heidelberg windmill from the late fifties, named after the countless ink stains covering her old chassis after years of loyal service. She is our faithful fellow and the one who, since the very beginning, has allowed us to carry out our main idea: bringing artisan printing to the illustration and design worlds.

We still have that same goal, and we now have more versatility in our workshop with screen printing, that adds to the letterpress.

Be careful! We have a workshop and will not hesitate to use it!

La Pecosa

Los Trastonautas

Monster Mònica Mònica


She has fresh ink spread on paper for breakfast. A misregister could make her lose it and throw ink knives left and right. But do not fear! She is the friendliest Trastonauta and you will probably talk to her if you contact us.

Printing level: 10+

Monster German German


He speaks in onomatopoeia. Legend goes that his desk is made of wood, but it is impossible to see because it is always covered by the thousands of sheets that he scribbles night and day. A broken pencil could make him weep.

Illustration level: 10+

Monster Máximo Máximo


He babbles words like grid, vectors, tracking, and other mystery things. He is definitely from another type of planet! A bad kerning could make him explode.

Design level: 10+